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Scandinavian Comfort Memory Foam Beds are mattresses that we brought in especially for our guests at Bluegrass Country Estate. 

We are an exclusive B&B reseller of these sleep systems and have aggressively priced these considerably below what you will find in the market.  We can deliver anywhere in the United States and have a direct relationship with the Manufacturer. 

The benefit of staying with us, of course, is that you have the opportunity to really test out these sleep systems before purchase.  Please call us if you have any questions regarding the specifications, special pricing and/or warranty details at (877)


The Scandinavian Comfort transports you to a new dimension of restful, invigorating, slumber.  Once you enter this deep level of sleep, your body rejuvenates itself enhancing your ability to perform at your peak throughout your day.


2.  STRATAFLEX QUILT:  The Convoluted Strataflex Layers are High Resiliency Super Soft Foam that inhibits body impressions from forming, while also keeping the sleeper's body from direct contact with the Memory Foam Layers.
3.  CONVOLUTED MEMORY FOAM QUILT:  Gently Conforms to a sleeper's body contours, reducing "Pressure Points" that cause tossing and turning.
4.  SENSUS VENTILATED MEMORY FOAM CUSHIONING:  The finest 5 lb. Memory Foam available provides the ultimate "Pressure Relief", while creating an anti-gravity sensation for unparalleled comfort.
5.  RESILITEX FOAM CORE:  This 5 lb. Core has the same resiliency and support as 100% Latex but with a more Luxurious feel.
6.  BASE FOAM:  High Density Ultra Firm Foam Base Supports the Resilitex Core.
7.  VENTILATION EYELETS:  Over 500 Fresh Air Ventilators allow fresh air flow through the mattress keeping it cool and fresh.
8.  SCANDINAVIAN LIFETIME FOAM FOUNDATION:  Acts as a shock absorber which adds to the longevity of the mattress.

We also use these incredible luxury sheets on our beds in the Inn! After you feel them and sleep on them you won't believe that they are wrinkle-free, but they are. They are 600 thread count, 100% Combed Cotton with a sateen weave. They come in cream and white.

We haven't had a guest yet that hasn't commented on the luxury feel! We also make these available for purchase at a special price we have negotiated.

You won't go back once you have sleep on these -- add the Scandinavian Mattress and you are all set for luxury and comfort at home!!

A Head Start to Better Health Scandinavian Pillows

The Scandinavian pillow, with a traditional pillow shape, cradles your head with gentle support and molds to the shape of your neck and shoulders for unequaled comfort. It's made of viscoelastic open-celled foam so it adjusts to your unique body shape and temperature. You'll appreciate the cool to the touch, aloe vera enriched cover. Whether you prefer sleeping on your back, side or stomach, you'll discover a dream come true with the Scandinavian Pillow.  Available in 28" Queen or 34" King.

Comments from Guests and Customers:

"Unbelievable, the first good night sleep I have had in years"

"What is up with those mattresses and pillows, I have never experienced anything like them"

"I recommend them to my therapy patients and love the one I have at home for my own use"



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